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Welcome to Wolf's Museum of Mystery! We're located in oldtown St. Augustine, Florida, the nation's oldest city and arguably the most haunted!

Wolf's Museum of Mystery is the personal home of Wolfgang Von Mertz but you won't find this place on any tourist map! It houses amazing and rare items from all over the world to include the following galleries:

Alien Mortuary
Shotgunned Sasquatch Exhibit
Horror Movie Theatre Room
Dark Art Gallery
Lizzie Borden's Bloody Boudoir
Voo Doo Marie Laveau Alter
Chef Butch Agony's Slaughter Kitchen
40 Foot Carnival Gift Shop
Even an exorcist bathroom and much much more.

It's always changing and what makes the museum especially unique is everything is for sale!

So visit Ali, Wolf, their husky Chinook, Mr. Nibbles in the lobby, Brown Nose Burt - the man eating rabbit in the courtyard, or one of their three cats always meddled somewhere in the home. You won't regret the experience!

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