The purpose behind the Wolf's Museum of Mystery Movie is to document the Museum of Mystery in St. Augustine, Florida which was painstakingly designed along with its vast unusual contents through an entertaining story about the two people who run it; their many quirky patrons and a house ghost named Mary. Like any good paranormal film, it will encompass unexplained phenomena and include several grisly murders. However, it is also a story about its two occupants - Wolf and his wife "Lilly" and their struggles to maintain a normal relationship trying to live inside such an environment. Big stretch right?

The city in which the Museum is located also will play a large part in forming the mood with several real local personalities and landmarks featured before the shocking conclusion that involves a "Black Jesus" whom we are seeking to be played by none other than the brilliant Tony Todd.

The film is designed to showcase the popular world of oddities and fear of haunted possessions yet simultaneously entertain through a humorous & frightening story (aka Dark Comedy) and almost all told within the walls of a place that actually exists and can be visited by fans after the film's release to see and handle props used in the film.

Against all advice, I have decided I will continue to work "backwards" (at least according to everyone in the movie industry) by soliciting the props needed; casting people I essentially wrote the scenes for; and aligning myself with talented people I trust and respect. If that fails, much like the museum design, I can live with it.

Most sets for the film are already in place as the story was largely written based on existing museum-attraction galleries in mind. Wolf owns the museum; it's assets; and the script, which will save considerable time and money in not having to procure too many additional props and guarantee availability of the primary shooting locations. Additionally, many actors and local artists are already on board to participate in making the film including a Playboy Model "Mermaid" and a real ghost hunting crew who will be utilized for two scenes. In short, the costs will be significantly reduced in making this film, yet it will provide very high quality visually stimulating images.

Additionally, unlike other Indie budget films, we also have a huge advantage in pre-production fund raising (if needed) via hosting museum events; trading items for services; offering lifetime passes & gift certificates, etc. for contributions which could raise revenue fast. With a seven figure oddity collection at the film maker's disposal, this will be hard to make a bad film and the potential gains are significant.

Finally, the marketing potential sets this movie apart from your average Indie in that it will be promoted early and often during pre-production and incredibly enhanced post-production by the daily selling of the films dvd to the tens of thousands of patrons who visit the museum annually. All patrons receive store credit upon admission and will very likely eagerly take signed copies of a film featuring the very museum they just paid to enter and exhibits they just laid their eyes upon.

In short, likely no Indie film has ever had such a head start with regard to set design; prop production; true story line; historical city location (hence intrigue) but with such low start up funds needed. The Museum of Mystery Movie will offer those willing to take the leap a high quality product with high capital gain potential. I can make this film - but need a great film making crew to take over things in order for it to realize it's considerable full potential.